We strive to continually enhance our operations to mimic nature and re-establish the symbiotic relationships that make for healthier and happier animals, maintain our pristine environment, and provide premium, all-natural meats for our customer.

Our livestock enjoy their natural habitat on 240 acres in the scenic Catoctin Mountains: the sheep grazing in the pasture, and the hogs rooting and snoozing in the woods. Animals with access to natural forage have been scientifically proven to yield more nutritious meat. But it's more than just what they eat, it's how they live. A happy animal, living as nature intended, means a healthy animal, and a quality that is difficult to measure, it has to be experienced.

We breed our animals naturally without artificial insemination, farrowing crates, or stalls of any kind. And by choosing heritage breeds, as well as experimenting with our own crosses, we are helping preserve and grow the diversity so sorely lacking in today's factory production.

Surely we can all do without the industrial inputs and cruelty found in feedlot meats: chemicals, pesticides, antibiotic feeds, artificial hormones, byproducts, etc. Hogs love the acorns, leaves, grubs, roots, fruits and flowers in the forest. In addition, we provide a custom-blended supplemental feed: local farm grains, spent grain from local brewers, sprouted fodder, local produce, and seasonal treats like fruits from local orchards. Sheep devour grass, hay, clover, and other pasture plants, they are truly grass-fed with zero grain supplementation.

Knowing the local farmer and the farm that raises the meat makes all the difference. We would also encourage you to look into the factory and "Heritage" alternative on YouTube ( as few farms will allow visitors) so that you can better understand the competition. There can be no doubt about our superior quality.